Art work

I have been making artwork for the last five years. I really enjoy painting the cats of Bristol against a Bristol backdrop, capturing a bit of Bristol and cat character. I also really enjoy painting nature with a feeling. I paint with acrylic onto canvas. Canvas sizes are usually 50.5cm by 40.5cm. I have many prints available in A3 and A5 sizes. All prints are giclee and to a very high standard. Please find below listed some of the work I have currently available:

Prints available

[PRINT] leaves.jpg
Leaf storm. A3 Prints available, £35 unframed. A5 Prints,£10 unframed.
[PRINT] cat.jpg
Batman. A3 Prints available. £35 unframed. A5 Prints, £10 unframed.

[PRINT] cat 2.jpg
Millie Ninja. A3 Prints available. £35 unframed.
[PRINT] Carly.jpg
Blaise Castle. A3 Prints available. £35 unframed. A5 Prints, £10 unframed.
[PRINT] ginger cat A3.jpg
Ginginghio. A3 Prints available. £35 unframed.



                                              Exeter Weir, £200. Acrylic on canvas.

catpub work
The bag of nails pub Bristol, £200. Acrylic on canvas.


Some previously sold pieces:

Tree mist.


Two friends feet.
Womad at night.
Autumn leaf snoods £12.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work it is possible to make an order by emailing me at: or to go to my etsy shop:

I currently offer free delivery to anywhere in the Bristol area.

Exhibition at the Edwardian Cloakroom

In December 2015 I had an exhibition of my work at the Edwardian Cloakroom.Final poster Edwardian cloakrrom

The exhibition being a celebration of the cats of Bristol, and a celebration of my observation of human cat relationship.

It was cold, many people tried to wee in the urinals. It was also an excellent chance to talk to many lovely people about my work.  To hear their stories about their cats, and the artwork that many people had made themselves.

It has encouraged me to continue to explore cats as a subject. Please find some pictures from the event:


[PRINT] ginger cat A3.jpg

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