Erm no…

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 Most Recent Performance Hatch and Scratch December 2010:

Bournemouth Dance Pavilion.

For this performance I took the piece as a solo to see how the audience would find this. They got it, they said they could not imagine it being with two people. There was however they said not as many funny moments and also the moments they thought were funny they were not sure if they could laugh at. So the hilarity tragedy line may have crossed to far into tragedy. However they did enjoy it and comments were made on the writing and its relation to the movement and also suggestions made as to develop the piece by having both sides of the stories separate and then, what happens when the two characters meet.

Next performance Bath Spa Graduate Platform November 2010

Ausform Platform-Mayfest

We performed Erm no.. at Bristol Old Vic as a part of Mayfest. It went down well. This audience didnt laugh out loud as much as at Tobacco Factory. The changes we had made seemed to work well. We recieved feedback that people liked the movement text realtionship. Also that we could look at having less or more improvised text and play with this element of the piece. This is something we will look at for the future.


Erm no was performed at Tobacco Factorys Prototype where we recieved feedback that we should work on the dynamic between us. The audience found this very funny. We are going to develop this for our next performance.



3 May 2010

We have been working on our previous piece Indefinite and developed it into Erm no…

Erm no..  is a piece that plays with what is and is not there, and looks at why and how we can we populate our world with people that do not exist. Taking this as a starting point a characters bizarre personality based illusions are explored, the reality and fantasy battle inside their head.

We collectively play with the element of absurd and ridiculous surrounding the characters and their stories. Allowing the audience to empathise and laugh at the human elements to the work.

To be performed at:

The Ausform Platform, Thursday 13th May, The Paintrooms, Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest.

January 2010

Our current work in progress is Indefinite.

It is a character based Theatre and Dance piece. The piece has been made through an exploration of one persons story of not feeling at home. Taking various elements of this story we have created a dynamic, visually stimulating and entertaining piece, which tests the relationship of the two characters involved, playing on the element of absurd in their personas, and chaos in their lives. This piece was made by Katie Berry, Carly Etherington and Denise Goldman. Carly Etherington and Denise Goldman performed a version of it recently at Testing Ground. From this performance we gained a lot of feedback and are currently working on developing the piece for the future.