Dr Mistry’s poems from the other side.

lower the bar

Dr Mistry’s Poem’s from the Other Side – Lower the bar, December 2018.

“You can’t crush me
With your multi-storey car parks
And your tiny little balls”
Poppy and Ray have spent fifteen years touring the disused cellars of small town pubs with their show ‘Dr. Mistry’s Poems From The Other Side’ in which they contact the spirits of poets who have died on stage and get them to give one last, unforgettable performance.
Tonight they are finally hitting the big time in Bristol. But they are haunted by their own ghosts, which they can’t keep hidden behind the curtain because – grateful as they are for the exposure – this isn’t a proper theatre and it doesn’t have one.
Carly Etherington and Tom Sastry hitch a free ride in this shameless vehicle for some of the worst poems and tiredest jokes you have ever heard. It’s only twenty minutes of your life. No refunds.